Artistic Assignments

Convert your story in part of History

If you want to own a high-quality artistic photograph about you, which shows the path you have walked across life, to explain your success, to represent something important for you, it will be my pleasure to accept the challenge.

You will be able to point the key elements you want me to speak about in your creation. I will collect more information about your context, and I will create a unique image for you, with more meaning than what you expect, profound, impacting, beautiful and original. When I feel artsolutely proud of it, I will show it to you. I will personally print and frame it in a large format with breathtaking quality and using long-lasting materials (museum quality).

It is limited to 1 – 3 assignments a year. Available to travel overseas if needed. Please contact me for more information if interested.

A life measured in microns

– When you want to reflect your love about your origins, your current situation and your passion –


In this case, my clients wanted an artwork about 1) Galizia (a region in Spain where they were born), 2) Switzerland (the place where they have been living for over 30 years), and 3) watch components, as they produce parts for the most renowned watch luxury brands (which is their passion).

Select below the artwork video in your preferred language (English, Spanish, French or German) and be surprised with the enormous amount of meaning of this creation. 

And the music cocooned the dance

– In life, time is limited. From the early stages, we start making decisions to become who we are –


Notice I duplicated the in each photograph, and I explain the reason next:

The girls studied music and ballet. As these subjects became increasingly demanding, they decided to stop studying ballet due to lack of time. The images show the dancer stopped to listen to the musician, to convey the idea:

“I used to love ballet, but in life, time is limited, and as I love music more than ballet, I stop dancing to be able to become a better musician”.

In this case, my client just wanted images of her daughters with their instruments and dressed in their dance clothes, before them giving up ballet. I proposed these ideas, and she was thrilled with the outcome.

My client received the last image as a bonus, the sisters with the dance clothes, without the instruments.

I met Fernando by chance. I really liked his gallery so I spoke to him about some photos I wanted to have from my kids. He understood perfectly well what I was looking for and the results are genuinely artistic masterpieces. Very thorough and perfectionist, he explains in such detail the whole process, that you end up learning from lights, types of paper… I can’t be happier. I have lovely artistic photos and unforgettable memory that Fernando has been able to capture with exquisite sensitivity. ARTsolutely recommended.

V. M.

The guardian of the Socorro arch

– A complete life with her – 


In this case, my client wanted images of his property and his dog, which was terribly affected by arthrosis. In fact, while I was taking the photos, my client was holding the dog with his hands as she was unable to stand still. Then, I had to remove my client, cars, traffic signals, cables, etc.

The street photography is a combination of several images with different light adjustments and different focus points (focus stacking) to achieve maximum definition and a pleasing aesthetic. Then, I replaced the sky, switched on the street lights, and enhanced other elements. 

Digitally outstanding

– Music all around –


This is my oldest artistic assignment, which I developed as an entertainment. In this case, my “client” is my brother’s friend, and he is a pianist living in Denmark who wanted striking images for self-promotion.

Please, do not forget to count his fingers.

Titles: “Digitally outstanding” and “Music Cell”.

[Manuel sent me two comments about my creations, to include the one I liked the most on my website. I cannot decide, so I paste both comments, which, apart from reflecting his opinion about my work, show his funny personality]

Comment 1: “On planet Pegasi B there are not photographers like you. Many thanks for your talent. We miss you!”

Comment 2: “My twelve fingers keep helping me a lot in my career. Many thanks for your immense talent Fernando!”

Manuel Martinez Esperilla

Social Commitment: small gestures for a great change 

A part of the profits from the sale of these artworks and photographs is donated to support social and environmental projects.   

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