Big birds

BIG BIRDS Something really amazing about the region where I live, Caceres, is the number of big birds that you come across. Even today, when I was crossing the main square of Caceres, arriving in ARTsolutely to work, a couple of red kites flew over my head,...

Awarded in Tokyo!

SOMETHING ELSE THAN WOOD AWARDED AGAIN IN INTERNATIONAL CONTEST Last 27 December, my artwork “Something else than Wood”, was awarded an honourable mention in the Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA), professional category, Editorial/Environmental section. This...

Upgraded bridges

UPGRADED BRIDGES AND REFLECTIONS Last weekend I had the opportunity to take some decent shots, despite travelling with three small and rebellious boys. We went, again, to the old bridges of Aliseda, a village close to where I live. One bridge might be 70-100 years...

Better ambiances

Improved sensations

Greater comfort

Greater prestige

Social Commitment: small gestures for a great change 

A part of the profits from the sale of these artworks and photographs is donated to support social and environmental projects.   

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