Recently ARTsolutely participated in its first international art fair, Hybrid, in its sixth edition, an experimental fair where each participant had a room of the Petit Palace Hotel of Santa Barbara, former Palace of the Marquises of Quintanar.

It was a fair for galleries, in which 30 national and international galleries, from Europe and other continents, participated.

The preparation was strenuous (the last few days I slept between 4 and 6 hours) and very exciting. I took four large-format works (111×168 cm) that I produced for the fair, three of them framed by myself, and including my lastest creation, “An Unexpected Blow”.

According to the organizers, Boreal Projects, the number of visitors did not reach the pre-pandemic level, but it was not far from it. There were really few moments of rest, with an almost uninterrupted influx of audiences.

It was very rewarding. The room looked better than what I expected, and my visitors thanked me with common exclamations such as “impressive” and “the best of the fair” (I loved it too when a visitor said “what a crazy room”). I bring back very fond memories of pleasant conversations and more than three hundred emails from visitors interested in keeping them informed of my new creations. And, as you can see in the first image of this blog, Telemadrid, Madrid’s main TV channel, selected the image of my creation “Something else than wood”, as a cover image for their video of Hybrid.

Both for those who could not attend, and for those who did, I share with you photos of my room, and below the links to the companies that participated with me and to my latest work.


Link to my latest work, presented at Hybrid, “An unexpected blow”:

Biofustería. They provided the tree sections to display my latest work (a tree from sustainable sources). They are an ecological carpentry based on the Pyrenees developing very interesting projects:

Ana Mateo interior designer: she designed the bathroom to display my series Self-contained Skies. She also teaches about decoration and I recommend you to visit her website to get many ideas and tips:

La Merina Wool: they provided the fluffy wool balls to decorate the bathroom. They also manufacture wonderful products made in wool.

Finally, after the fair I have taken the opportunity to restructure ARTsolutely, it is looking even better than before, so do not hesitate to visit my gallery if you come to Cáceres.