Tonight ARTsolutely will occupy a space of the program “Muévete” (Canal Extremadura), at 23:30.

In addition, it will count with the participation of one of my most valued printing clients – an artistic photographer well known in Extremadura and outside – as well as an appreciated client who contracted me to develop my previous personalized artistic work.

Also, in novelty, before I officially share the presentation video (it will be available next week), you will be able to discover “A Life Measured in Microns”, for those who could not visit my gallery during last Christmas.

The team that visited ARTsolutely were the journalist Silvia Acero and cameraman Carmen Muñoz (attached photo). They were absolutely professional and I am extremely grateful to them.

Between the good work of the production team, these luxury guests and how beautiful ARTsolutely is, I’m sure only the interviewee can fail, so I encourage you to watch the show and apologize in advance for my participation 😉