Today, after being working on my latest artistic creation for hours, I have taken a break to rescue these photos of my last walk with my wife and my kids, when everything was normal (now, with the coronavirus and the alarm state, it is forbidden to leave home in Spain). It was last Sunday 8 March in the afternoon, in a short route between the Mayor Square and Canovas, in Cáceres.

I had taken just a single focal lens (a single lens which is not a zoom) which was not the most appropriate for portraits (24mm f1.4), and I selected it on purpose to try something different.

So I took the coach who was closest to me, which by coincidence was my wife, and told her “Come on, I am going to take some pictures of you”. I think her answer was something like “What? Looking like this? You could have told me before”, so I answered the same as always “Going out with me you can expect photos at any moment”.

Once the conversation was won, she did not have any other option that starts posing where I pointed, and I have to say that to be a coach she did not do it bad!!! We distracted the kids with a slice of pizza, and they were as patient as my wife. Thanks for all you four!!!

Once the alarm state by the coronavirus finished, if you want a better photographic session than this, with several focal lenses and more suitable than the one I used, with better photo locations, and with impeccable postproduction that these shared images are lacking (it results that the coach did not pay a single euro for the pictures), do not hesitate to contact me!

And, if what you would like is a coach session these days of confinement, let me know and I will try to get a commission from my wife!!

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