Marvao is a small Portuguese village, on the border with Spain, and close to where I live (Cáceres). Despite its proximity, and the similarities between countries, charming differences are glimpsed as soon as the territorial boundary is crossed: a plateau of holm oaks gives place to a richer vegetal cover in a more rugged landscape; colored painted-edge houses are plentiful, and everything seems to be maintained with more care. There are even utility booths with public toilets where you need them, clean and with pleasant fragrances.

Marvao itself is a captivating settlement: it is located at the highest point of the local mountain range, which gives it fabulous views; it is a doubly walled fortress, with cute white houses and a worthwhile-visit castle, being one of its charms the cistern with a semicircular roof.

In my case, it was a short trip (for a photographer), and with my family. We were only there for three hours, but I was able to take the pictures I share below.

Under Marvao is Portagem, where there is a natural pool, a pleasant place to have a picnic or take a dip in its cold waters during the bathing season.

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