This week I made a publication about my draw to give a limited edition to one of my website subscribers. I have affection for all of them, and that is why, amongst other reasons, I would always be entirely fair with the results. However, to provide confidence -within my subscribers is my family and from long ago: I do not want to expel them from the draw, but if any of them would win, that could be seen as suspicious-, I introduce you next to the person who will witness the process.
Her name is Cecilia Calderón Villalba, President of the Friends Association of the acclaimed Museo Helga de Alvear, founder and director of the real state business with the most unique and historical properties, Rústicas y Urbanas, and many other roles and virtues. I have always thought that, given her height, distinguished bearing and enthralling personality, Hollywood lost a great star, but I do not think she cares about it at all: her head is always full of plans and ideas.
Cecilia chose me, among other people, as a jury for a photography competition she arranged last year. For that and her already commented excellent skills, I think she is the ideal person to guarantee the impartiality of the results.
If you want to participate in the draw, subscribe as soon as possible to my website or send me a private message with your email and I will do it for you. Thanks and good luck!
Ps: I share a photo I took of Cecilia outside ARTsolutely.