Ten days ago I had one of the best days of my life. My customer came from Switzerland to see –nearly for the first time (he had just seen a small draft) – the artwork I had created for him and his wife. I had printed and framed it by my own means and nearly alone (my brother came to give me a hand on certain occasions), quite a challenge as its dimensions are 137×227 cm. It was so exciting for me… Then he invited me, with my wife, to have lunch at the best restaurant in Cáceres (Atrio, with two Michelin stars). Today the artwork will leave my gallery, ARTsolutely, to be packed professionally and next week it will be sent to him. I will feel a bit sad to lose this creation that has been hanging on my gallery walls for some days, but happy because soon it will be in his factory, serving the purpose for which it was conceived. I will share images of the artwork soon. I shared a picture just before they arrived in the gallery.