Last weekend I had the opportunity to take some decent shots, despite travelling with three small and rebellious boys. We went, again, to the old bridges of Aliseda, a village close to where I live. One bridge might be 70-100 years old, and the other one more than 1500, as it was built by the Romans. There is a third bridge, which is the one currently used to cross the river when driving.

Two reflections about it:

1) With every bridge, both the aesthetics and durability are impaired, which is particularly obvious in the last bridge built. How will the forth bridge be? Functional designs may have their justification but a careful aesthetic is a virtue that surpasses the lifespan of this type of structures, so in my opinion, it should always be taken into account.

2) Finally, everything is replaced. In the same way as the people who built these bridges, let’s do something that withstands the passage of time so if not us, our works provide value to the generations to come.