COVID rear window

– documentary photography –

by Fernando Paramio

Spain went into lockdown due to the coronavirus on the 15 March (the day of my birthday), and we had to confine at home. I started taking these pictures to document how part of my family’s life was, how my neighbors’ lives were (just when they reached the balcony), and the scenery around. Before confinement, I thought there was nothing worth photographing from my balcony, so I am very surprised by the number of pictures and stories I have been able to gather.  

Location (view from balcony)

Scenery (landscape details and birds)

Clouds above sanctuary

Clouds above the sanctuary II

Fog around sanctuary

Resting kestrel

Solar Bath 

Solar Bath V

Selected by PhotoSpain 2020. Exhibited by Caceres City Council. 

Reshaping of spaces

Smelling the laundry

Cleaning the blind

Cleaning walls

Thoroughly cleaning the floor

Playing chess

Having lunch

In harmony 

I smoke as I wait

Something very curious about this photograph: in two years living in this house I had never noticed this gentleman – or practically any other. I took this photo and others under my anonymity, playing James Stewart from my Rear Window, happy with the idea of obtaining interesting photographs while keeping secret my identity. The gentleman looked familiar to me, but I didn’t think about it any more. Hours later I had the opportunity to photograph him again, this time with his wife. Once I took the new picture I zoomed in it and… dammit! She’s the mother of a friend of mine! Before posting the picture I sent her a message to tell her that my next photo will not leave her indifferent. This time I’ve been caught completely.

Fortunately, my friend’s parents were happy with the photograph and they will not report me!! 😉


Conversations with neighbours

Kids and pets


Kids jumping I

Kids jumping II

Kids jumping III

Grown-up kid jumping

Longing for the street I

Longing for the street II (and half way there)

The absorbed ones 

Tormented coffee

Reading corner

Other moments

Common applause

Rooftop haircut

Lonely zombies

Better ambiances

Improved sensations

Greater comfort

Greater prestige

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