COVID rear window and confined photos

– documentary photography –

by Fernando Paramio

Spain went into lockdown due to the virus on the 15 March (the day of my birthday). Soon after I started taking these pictures to document how part of my family’s life is, how my neighbours’ lives are (just when they reach the balcony) and the scenery around.

This series is updated usually on a daily base, here and on my social networks.

Life outside

United in the balconies (and roof)

In crises, the human species brings out the best and worst it has. The image I show is something we can be proud of. 

When I go to the balcony I applaud for all health staff, and especially for those I know personally, with the existing fear that something may happen to them. In that moment of recognition, I try not to think too much about what they are living, otherwise my eyes would cloud over and I could not take snapshots like this.

Reading to travel outdoor

Instead of a butane gas cylinder on your feet, it would be better a brazier, but the book, diffuse light and outside air are the ideal elements to escape from that little corner and this quarantine to wherever the story on your hands take you. 

Allegation of an obsessive-maniac-psychotic photographer

The photographer went out to his balcony, with his telephoto lens. He placed himself in the most suitable position, adjusted the camera, leaned forward, looked for the precise framing and when he was going to take the photo… late! The picture was already taken, I had taken it of him, and had immortalized him forever.

 When you travel through a territory highly scrutinized by my eyes never forget that if you make a different gesture… bang! I’ll lock you in a pixel prison, because I’ll be stalking you at all times.

If sometimes you hear clicks you’re not crazy: you only have one very sharp ear; it’s the shutter of my camera capturing you.


Conversation on the rooftop

Looking down

Tormented coffee

I share a picture of yesterday’s storm (11 April). The thunder in Cáceres impressed me, it was a not very close roar but it was continuous, no silences. It didn’t rain too much here, but in near places it was a flood. By the thoughtful face of man, and its global context (meteorology, confinement) I have titled it “A tormented coffee”. Maybe you found yourself in the same situation and at the same moment

Confined on the inside II

Confined on the inside II (detail)

Looking at the street I

Looking at the street II

Confined with children

In this case we find a father alone on the roof of his house with his young children. He plays the guitar, plays with them, and wanders back and forth activating his circulation while aerating his thoughts as the children entertain themselves.

Confined and with children. Extra effort and responsibility. An applause for all the moms and dads on these special days.

Facial solar bath

Total solar bath

I smoke as I wait

Something very curious about this photograph: in two years living in this house I had never noticed this gentleman – or practically any other. I took this photo and others under my anonymity, playing James Stewart from my Rear Window, happy with the idea of obtaining interesting photographs while keeping secret my identity. The gentleman looked familiar to me, but I didn’t think about it any more. Hours later I had the opportunity to photograph him again, this time with his wife. Once I took the new picture I zoomed in it and… dammit! She’s the mother of a friend of mine! Before posting the picture I sent her a message to tell her that my next photo will not leave her indifferent. This time I’ve been caught completely.

Fortunately, my friend’s parents were happy with the photograph and they will not report me!! 😉

No expiration date

What hobby is maintained from childhood to adulthood? Very few, because a hobby is something that stimulates the mind, and the thoughts of children and adults are very different. What people do can always pursue is discovering, dreaming, imagining, learning. And that’s why reading will always accompany us.

Too many requirements to be happy

Some people keep buying and feel still miserable, while others are happy with the remains, like the one in the photo, which didn’t need anything else to have a great time (even in the rain).

Conversations between neighbours

Conversations with neighbours I

Conversations with neighbours II

Conversations with neighbours III

Conversations with neighbours IV


Clouds above sanctuary

Fog around sanctuary

Bird afternoon II (Booted eagle)

Amazing occasion of a booted eagle with parts of a pigeon. Unfortunately my lens is just extremely sharp but it does not get too close (300 mm) so this is a 100% crop of the original image.  

Bird afternoon III (resting kestrel)

Resting kestrel detail

Life inside

D vitamin and confined on the inside

Solar bath

Lounge turned into a school

I share a picture of the little ones doing homework at home. The two little ones entertain themselves with any task, but the older, with more serious duties, is entertained with everything but with what he should, and his two brothers are a source of continuous distractions. A challenge for Nicholas and his parents!

I dedicate this photo to their teachers, Magdalena, María José and Sandra of the Prácticas School, who do a great job at school, and to whom we would bring home every day for a few hours.


Kids jumping I

Kids jumping II

Kids jumping III

I think she is my wife

Grown-up kid jumping I

Grown-up kid jumping II

Unconditional love

I have taken advantage of the confinement due to the lockdown to take this photo, which I was looking forward to taking, of Nico’s favorite stuffed animals, who have been accompanying him from his pregnancy to today at 6 years old. They accompany him every night at bedtime, and unlike his brothers, Nico asks for them if he does not find them (his brothers don’t care so much).

Despite the shreds, Nico doesn’t want to replace them. But I’m afraid one day they’ll be falling apart and Nico will have a hard time.

The bunny was a gift, from New Zealand, and I don’t know what trade it comes from. We bought the teddy bear in Australia, at Mothercare, but it doesn’t appear on the web. If anyone knows where I can get similar toys, please let me know. It will be an amazing surprise for Nico.

Unconditional love II

High escape risk

Better ambiances

Improved sensations

Greater comfort

Greater prestige

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