But when does this finish??? A family trilogy

– documentary photography –

by Fernando Paramio

Although it’s something certainly common, having kids might be the most different experience a person can suffer. These photos just gather three specific scenes of a recent family, but they reflect quite well how normality is forever changed.

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(quickly, before the kids detect you and you must switch off the computer, for your own safety)

A leches con mi hijo

In Spanish, “leche” means milk, but “A leches” means fighting with someone; “con mi hijo” means with my son. Due to this play on words I keep the Spanish title

Chaise lounge's hardships

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Shared baths with minimal supervision

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A leches con mi hijo


2020/12 – Honorable Mention – TIFA 2020 (Tokio International Photography Awards, 5th Edition) – Category: Professional – Section: Editoria/Photo Essay

Better ambiances

Improved sensations

Greater comfort

Greater prestige