Below you can find the available moulds to purchase online, so if you select them during the purchase process you will receive your artwork framed. There are even more models! So if you do not find what you are looking for, please send an email with some of the features you like (colour, style, texture, width…) and we will contact you.  

White – 150C

White – 135C

White – 397C

White – 152C

White – 166C

White – 475C

White – 185C

White – 433C

White – 580C

White – 580C

Black – 150C

Black – 433C

Black – 135C

Black – 397C

Black – 134C

Black – 433C

Black – 5099C

Grey – 150C

Silver – 5086C

Gold – 150C

Gold and silver – 155C

Walnut – 150C

Tobacco – 150C

Better ambiances

Improved sensations

Greater comfort

Greater prestige

Social Commitment: small gestures for a great change 

A part of the profits from the sale of these artworks and photographs is donated to support social and environmental projects.   

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