From 30 March to 2 April, the international competition CINVE CONTEST 2023 was held, which encompasses:

  • 19th Edition of the International Wine Competition
  • 19th Edition of the International Spirits Competition
  • 14th Edition of the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
  • 4th Edition of the International Vermouth Competition
  • 4th Edition of the International Vinegar Competition

It was a very special edition, as unfortunately its president and CEO Jesús M. Guirau left us last year, although his daughter María took over the baton to organize this long-lived event that has stood out for its success in all aspects.

A jury made up of expert tasters, who, during three days, from 9am to 2pm, judged a huge number of products.

The activities included a dinner at the Parador de Cáceres, a tasting open to the public at the Palacio de Carvajal, a visit to the Helga de Alvear Museum, and a farewell dinner at a restaurant in the city.

ARTsolutely had the privilege of documenting the meetings graphically, and below we share the photographs in an attempt to take the viewer back to what was experienced there.

Thanks to María Guirau for her confidence in our skills to document the event, a capable person, serious in her work but friendly and approachable, as well as congratulations on the excellent outcome of the contest. Congratulations also to its Technical General Manager Jesús Flores,  its Executive General Manager Manuel Herrera, and to Anunciación Carpio, AOVES Technical Manager.

A selection of shots

Dinner at El Parador de Cáceres

Open tasting at Palacio de Carvajal

Visit to the museum Helga de Alvear

Dinner at a restaurant in Cáceres


(General views and portraits)

The someliers


Other moments and some details