I am happy to show you my work for the Dear Moon Project. This is not an assignment from the organizers: this idea came into my mind I decided to develop it. It is incomplete, I need to give more realism to the different characters and other details. I have a second idea in mind, and also I will try to develop it.

Tomorrow, if I have not heard anything from the organizers of the Dear Moon project, I will be disqualified. It would be very beautiful to be included in the selection process, although I do not expect it.

It has been an absolute pleasure to participate in the process until now, so I want to thank Yusaku Maewaza and Elon Musk for making this possible.

As the artwork is quite dark and given the size of it in the screens, I will describe it a little bit:

  • There are different primates, and we can see that they evolve as artists: the first on the left is an ancient primate with just his hand as a painting tool, then the following primate holds the Venus of Willendorf, then a flute, tools to craft wood, a painter, a singer, a film director with his camera, and a photographer.
  • The first primate is naked; the next one has a shoe; the next one has two shoes… until they are completely dressed with the spacesuit. You can find the acronym for Yusaku (MZ) on the back of the last crew member.
  • Elon Musk appears in the picture; he rises from his Hyperloop tunnel, very nervous because there is just a minute left for ignition.

I hope you like it. I will complete the artwork asap.

Congratulations to all the lucky crew members.