Taking advantage of the coincidence of an unexpected event in ARTsolutely, I have made a video, which I am sure will not get any Academy Award, perhaps one of the opposites to them.

Happy for the event I launch this video, which I hope will clarify the ideas to many 😉

-Note: I have been told that my video is not completely clear. Maybe my explanation has not been precise; with your permission let me clarify next: the video shows birds emigrating to very different locations (and birds tend to emigrate to similar places, at least with the same climate); then this is a fact that science cannot explain, and given that these birds emigrate due to something related with the art market (the selling of two large prints of the same artwork in the same week, with the same size and same framing), this is why we need art; in this case art justifies their migration, not science; sorry I have not been clearer, I will take it into account for future videos.