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– Paper choices –

About our papers and the choices that we offer

All the papers that we use offer “quality museum”, which means that they meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9706, requirements related to the quality of the pulp and resistance of the fibers, among others. And this provides the maximum colour permanence of the artwork.

Our papers

We are still not paid anything to name them (which would not be a bad idea) but we use a brand of paper called Canson.

These people have been in the market over 400 years, and “Canson Infinity” (their branch of photo papers of high longevity) over 150. They have been actively collaborating with the Louvre for more than a decade, and in fact many of the paintings exhibited in the most famous art galleries of the world are made with their papers.

They have a responsible environmental policy regarding the paper provenance, which together with the quality and training that they provide, leaned the balance toward them.   

Papers we offer – artist’s recommendation vs your own choice

Each material provides a different appearance to the print, from the naturalness of the cotton papers to the attenuated reflection of the satin papers (baryta or platine). A change of the model of paper involves a change in contrast, brightness, tonal range, degree of clarity… so each paper produces a different perception of the artwork.

Matte papers provides a more pictorial and smooth look to the artworks. This is due to an inferior black density (blacks are not so deep) than satin papers, as well as to a complete absence of shines. The presence of texture can also contribute. Satin papers such as Baryta or Platine have a greater contrast, a brighter white, a deeper black, and they confer a more vibrant and photo-realistic look to the images. Artworks printed in satin papers seem to have more intensity and strength than when they are printed on a matte paper.

For that reason, the artist tries to find the paper that enhances the atmosphere of the artwork according to what he wants to convey.

On this website, when you want to buy an artwork, you can select between two options for the type of paper:

  1. Recommended paper by the artist (satin or matte)
  2. Alternative paper (the opposite).

There are four different reasons to be able to select:

First of all, even the artist sometimes doubts. In some cases a paper enhances interesting features of the artwork, but the opposite paper enhances other features equally interesting. For example, in our artwork “A balcony of colorful feathers”, the slight textured matte version of the artwork reveals in a better way the bird feathers, it creates a soft atmosphere which enhances the artwork pictorial look. However, the satin version of the artwork (using platine or baryta), with its attenuated reflection, shows in a very adequate way the window glass, and create a more vibrant and intense scene. Both versions are brilliant.

Secondly, we offer both options to satisfy unconditional fans of one or another type of paper.

The third reason is that the durability of our matte paper (Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag) is longer than the satin papers (Baryta and Platine). 

And finally, the artwork final location and its size may have also an influence when selecting the paper. For example, the attenuated brightness of a small artwork (satin finish, platine or baryta) will not disturb almost never. However, a large format artwork may produce unwanted shines when placed on a wall in front of a window without any additional source of light. This will not happen using a matte paper.

If you are interested in an artwork, we encourage you to follow the artist’s recommendation, choose your favorite paper, or contact us to ask for advice.

Better ambiances

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Social Commitment: small gestures for a great change 

A part of the profits from the sale of these artworks and photographs is donated to support social and environmental projects.   

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