Self-contained skies

– December 7:56 –

by Fernando Paramio

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December 7:56

Series description:

In times when ephemeral art becomes increasingly relevant, and when the value of aesthetic appearance seems to be fading, sometimes one raises his head to the sky and says: that really is art.

On some occasions, admiration comes from contemplating the sky in its entirety. At the same time, in many other cases, the elements of isolated regions (shapes, colors, textures, repetitions, planes) get together to create a scenario that does not seem the product of chance, but an artistic disposition resulting from a trained inspiration and, moreover, in continuous and magisterial evolution.

Beautiful and volatile, they offer a spectacle worthy of quiet contemplation. However, we let the vast majority of those in our lives be lost.

This series is a tribute to what nature creates in a reflex way every day: a reminder of the convenience of incorporating beauty every day into our lives.

Number of editions and sizes

Media selection (paper finish)

Matte – author’s recommendation (Aquarelle / Edition Etching Rag)

This photograph has something extraordinary when printed in the heavy-textured matte paper Canson Infinity Aquarelle Rag 310gsm. This paper provides a very pictorial look, with soft clouds, pure colors and a complete absence of reflections (glazing may bring some). It will confer comfort and a natural feeling to your space.
The matte paper Canson Infinity Aquarelle Rag is available up to 111 cm (44”) on the shortest side (Museum Edition). If you want a bigger size, I will use the Canson Edition Etching Rag 310 sgm, another fantastic paper, slightly textured.

Satin - optionally (Baryta & Platine)

A satin paper provides a photo-realistic look to this image, and also works well with it. It has more contrast, and colors are slightly more vibrant. Depending on the viewer angle and the light direction, there will be some reflections. I will print it using the museum-quality papers Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag (Palace edition) and Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique (rest of editions), both 310 gsm.

Technical info


End of creation: 2019

Main gear

Canon EOS 5Ds-R

Canon EF300mm f/2.8L IS II USM


Print relevant info

Printed by the author using his own printer (total quality control)

Printer: Canon Imageprograf PRO-6000 (outstanding quality)

Inks: original Lucio PRO inks (12 pigmented inks)

Museum quality paper (norm 9706; long-lasting properties)

White margin for signing and numbering (information below) 

With certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered

Scale, dimensions & margins

A3 Edition

Total size: 29.7 x 42 cm - 11.7x16.5"

Image size: 25.2 x 35 cm - 9.9 x 13.8"

White margin: 2.2 x 3.5 cm - 1 x 1.4"

A2 Edition

Total size: 42 x 59.4 cm - 16.5 x 23.4"

Image size: 36 x 50 cm - 14.2 x 19.7"

White margin: 3 x 4.7 cm - 1.2 x 1.9"

Gallery Edition

Total size: 80 x 111.8 cm - 31.5 x 44"

Image size: 72 x 100 cm - 28.3 x 39.4"

White margin: 4.3 x 5.9 cm - 1.7 x 2.3"

Museum Edition

Total size: 111.8x154cm - 44x60.6"

Image size: 100x140cm - 39.4x55"

White margin*: 5.5x7.5cm - 2.2x2.9"

Château Edition

Total size: 127.0 x 177 cm – 50 x 70"

Image size: 115 x 160 cm – 45.3 x 63"

White margin: 6 x 8.8 cm – 2.4 x 3.5"

Palace Edition

Total size: 152.4x211 cm - 60x83"

Image size: 136x190 cm - 55.1 x 74"

*White margin*: 7.8x10.7cm - 3.1x4.2"

* A different white margin width is possible under request

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