Something I love about being open to the public and not being an isolated visual creator at home, is just that, the interaction with the audience.

Almost every day I receive very pleasant visits and yesterday I received the visit of a unique couple, the media doctor, writer and poet Alberto Infante (“Las cosas claras”, from the Spanish Radio and Television, RTVE) and Pilar Pérez-Fuentes Hernández, historian, researcher, activist, feminist, former president of the Spanish Association of Research on Women’s History, to name some of the merits of my visitors.

They were referred to by another lovely couple, Elina and Rafael (also a writer, pending the publication of a book with an exciting subject that I will talk about when he sent it to me, as he promised to do), who visited my gallery a week before and bought two of my works.

In addition to ARTsolutely, Pilar and Alberto visited, among others, the Helga de Alvear, the Vostell museum in Malpartida and today they are heading to Trujillo. Yesterday he made a connection with RTVE from the Parador de Cáceres.

Like other visitors with great culture and intellectual interests, they gave me new insights into my work and the art surrounding me in my city.

Thank you very much for your visit, it will be a pleasure to see you again in ARTsolutely whenever you want.