Terms of service


Delivery time

A3 and A2 editions and their authenticity certificates are usually produced within 24-72 hours after your purchase and shipped the following day.

Larger editions are usually produced and carefully pack up within 7 natural days and it will be delivered within the next 7 days.

Once you place your order we will send you an email to confirm the delivery date.

If you need your artwork asap contact us and we will do the best to speed up your artwork production. We can also arrange express delivery under request.

Conservation & warranties 

Depending on the type of paper and how you protect your artwork, the colors of your image will remain unchangeable from just a few years (around 20 years if not protected and exposed to UV light) to more than 100 hundred years.

Please do not expose your image to the sun, strong lights, do not place it above heating elements or in front of direct air-conditioned flow, in high humidity rooms (baths) or places with an aggressive atmosphere (a workshop with solvents commercial products, factories or industrial facilities).

For mattingan d framing your artwork, make sure that only neutral-pH products (adhesives, glues, mat, backing board…) are used.

Do not touch your artwork or photograph media (the museum paper) with your hands. Please use cotton gloves. If you need to use your hands, please wash and dry them carefully first. 

The maximum colors lifespan will be reached by following the latest precautions and by using a 99% UV glass or acrylic glass placed in front of the artwork.

As it is not possible to know how customers will handle and protect their artworks and photographs, we provide a 10 years warranty. Should fading occur after 10 years, please contact us to investigate it. In the improbable case that we identified a problem during production, we would replace your artwork. If fading occurred as a consequence of inadequate display conditions, we may offer you the possibility of getting a new copy of your artwork, as long as the old copy is sent to us to be destroyed, to keep the number of limited editions unalterable.

Return policy

Cancellation before the artwork or photograph is produced: 

Should something happens and you need or want to cancel your purchase, please let us know asap. If your communication is done before the artwork or photograph is already produced, we will refund 100% of your money in all cases.

Cancellation once the artwork is printed:  

Because limited artworks are a custom made product (final sale), hand-signed, hand-numbered and hand-dated, and because of the risk of abrasion during return and inspection, we will transfer back the artwork price excluding the production costs, and the artwork will have to be destroyed once returned.

If you hesitate about the artwork appearance, you can buy first an open edition of your artwork (size A4 21×29.7 cm) for 25€ plus shipping cost. Then, if you like it and place your order, we will give you back the cost of the size 4 open edition print. This is applicable to all editions excluding A3 edition.

Please contact us if you want to request a small open edition print for inspection.


Copyright policy

All images and texts have been created and belong to ARTsolutely. Please do not copy, reuse, reproduce, modify, publish or distribute them in any other way without written permission.

Privacy policy

We comply with the legal regulations for the protection of your data.

We treat the information that you facilitate to us in order to provide you with the requested service, manage your orders, make the billing and give you a better experience when browsing this web. The data provided will be retained while the business relationship is maintained or during the years required to comply with the legal obligations. You have the right to receive confirmation about how we are dealing with your personal data at ARTsolutely; therefore you have the right to access your personal data, rectify them or request deletion when they are no longer necessary. We do not keep any customer bank detail.

Who is responsible for your data?

  • Fernando Paramio Alamillo
  • NIF: 28967971T;
  • Address: ARTsolutely – Plaza Mayor 20, bajo izquierda;
  • Phone: +34 638 17 93 93;
  • Email: info@artsolutely.com

Use of the data and time of conservation:

Registration form and/or creation of account: we will use your data so that you can log in to our website and to facilitate your purchase process, based on your express consent. These data will be deleted when you cancel your registration on the web page.

Purchase management form: We will use your data to manage the purchase, invoicing, shipping and related matters, in accordance with the contract of sale. Your data will be kept until the end of the contractual relationship, and subsequently they will be kept for tax purposes during the period marked by the tax legislation.

Newsletter sign-up form: we will use your data to inform you about the launch of new artworks, prizes, exhibitions and commercial information that may be of interest to the visitors who subscribe. Your data will be retained until you cancel your subscription

 Who else can have the data you share with ARTsolutely?

The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases in which a legal obligation exists, with the exception of our provider of tax & accounting services. There is a confidential contract in place with them and they can only use the information we provide them to prepare the accounting reports and other legal obligations.


We use non-intrusive cookies for statistical purposes and to remember your actions and preferences over time, so you do not need to re-enter the same information every time you visit this website. They do not gather unnecessary or sensitive information.

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