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Fernando is one of those tremendous artists. I have visited his gallery with my photography students and it has been an inspiring experience. He is a perfectionist to the maximum and a dreamer of ideas. We needed someone like you in this city. You encourage us to think about the world through art. Thank you for your personal and kind treatment. (…)

Nuria Zotes

Words have great power, and yours, Fernando, showed me that if you want, you can, that believing and loving what you do can go far. You are a great professional knowledgeable about the most modern techniques, materials, and procedures. Still, you also know how to reach people’s hearts and souls with your work; your sensitivity is extraordinary, and you transform the daily routine into a work of art. “The goal of art is to represent not the external appearance of things, but their inner meaning.” Thank you for your time, and congratulations for your work undoubtedly fascinating (…)

María Jesús Cárdenas

I’m delighted to have found Fernando. ARTsolutely is the gallery and art laboratory that we needed in Cáceres. I’ve wanted to print my work in this city for years, and until now, I had not found a place to print in large format, with such a variety of papers and with such good print quality. Fernando is very attentive, formal and meticulous in his work. Besides being a very good professional, he is a great photographer and this is reflected when dealing with any topic related to printing. Totally recommended.

Teresa. A. C.

Impressive the exhibition of this photographer-artist from Caceres. I loved listening to the process of creation and composition of his works. Must be visited. It will not disappoint you.

Jose Carlos López

Excellent price-quality ratio. Personal advice and a wonder to hear him talk about his work.

Ruth del Valle

Thank you very much Fernando for your great manners, your interesting explanations of your spectacular works and the mini-masterclass of types of printing media. I recommend 100% a visit. Thanks again!

Dani Carrasco

Ideal for printing your photographs in professional quality. Very kind and attentive manners. Reasonable prices.

Rafael López

100% recommended. Essential visit and unbeatable customer attention.

Ana Muñoz

Happy to be able to count on the professionalism of ARTsolutely. Impeccable results and exquisite manners. A privilege for these lands

Lou Germain

The manners are impeccable, the exhibition is amazing. Thank you very much for explaining one by one the works of your exhibition and for teaching us the different types of printing.

Francesc Rodriguez

Very interesting gallery of author’s photographs and printing works. Fernando captures your ideas to get the best result, explaining technical details that surprise you.

Pilar Mosquera

Really surprised with the quality of the photographs on display, my congratulations! (…)

Raúl Sánchez

Very nice meeting today, a really talented artist, a beautiful original emotion! Congratulations! (…)

Jade Palatano

Creative photography of the highest level.

Miguel Ángel García

Absolutely perfectionists, purists and professionals.

Peliche Valiente

Excellent detailed explanation by the author and great exhibition.

Yobi Corc Parch

Brilliant, great manners and spectacular work.

Gemichwey Solser

Impressive photographs and meticulous work. Technology and experiences united uniquely. Congratulations!!

Manuel Bellotari

I had never seen a photographic exhibition so beautiful, funny, original and well told. Fernando transmits his work in a way that makes art fascinating to everyone. His artist’s eye, quality of his work, and professionalism make ARTsolutely a unique place (…)

Ana Bau

From the outside, the photos invite you to enter and in doing so, you discover the professionalism, quality and detail in each of the works. Absolutely essential to visit.

Carla Claver

Exquisite in all aspects. The play. The place. The author, for his manners, his attention, his education and his knowledge. I loved it (…)

Caballos Nuñez

A photography space in Cáceres that is really worth it. It is a gallery and photo printing laboratory. Its owner, Fernando Paramio, author of the exposed photographs, is charming and transmits his passion for photography in each explanation. His photographs are impressive. Fernando also does photo editing on request, making it the perfect place to recover and enlarge old photographs. I recommend it 100%

Cesar Rodilla

A place to visit in Cáceres.

The kindness of Fernando Paramio is worth mentioning. He does not skimp on his time to teach and explain the photographic exhibition, which is brilliant (…)


Without a doubt, Fernando Paramio is a visual poet.
After approaching the gallery’s window and spotting his photographs in the interior, I felt irretrievably attracted to them. (…)

From the start, the images impact you because of their size, but in a few seconds, they end up capturing you for the original and perfect symbiosis between the cultural beauty of the West and the freshness of the Australian fauna.

It is not easy for an image to transport you to a magical world … and Fernando achieves it.

I am sure that any project you undertake will be a success if you let your imagination fly again!


Fantastic visit, with wonderful manners and very detailed explanations of the artworks. Incredible image quality. It is recommended to visit this small, but lovely gallery.

Felicidad Naveira

Lovely gallery in the center of Cáceres. We have discovered it on a trip to the city and have returned home with one of our photos printed in museum quality 🙂
Totally recommended. Close and pleasant manners. Fernando, a great professional, will ideally advise you on the great variety of photographic papers available for your prints. An excellent experience that we remember with affection and that we will surely repeat

Son Xabi

Perfect manners, incredible photographs, and fantastically explained. Highly recommended.

Ricardo María

Amazing exhibition crossing historical Spanish photos with Australian fauna. Definitely worth a visit.

Troy Newman

An impressive exhibition and exquisite manners. Do not forget to visit the gallery if you are in Cáceres. And if you have to make a gift … nothing better than a work of art. My congratulations to Fernando

Choni Ossorio

Unbeatable service and professionalism in all aspects. If you are looking for the best quality for your photos, this is the place. And what about the exhibited works? Cool!

Ana Moreno

Fernando gave us exquisite manners, caring for each step to follow. He helped us a lot in the choice of paper for printing our photographs with great criteria. It does not disappoint. Thank you very much for everything!

Mario Acedo

The gallery is worth visiting, with great photos of great quality and excellent manners. 

Verónica Hermoso

I loved this artist so much and his works. It is essential to visit it in Cáceres.

Josefa Rosa Martín

An impressive exhibition of very original photographs. It is a place to visit, the quality impresses as well as the creativity of the artist. This gallery is very well located in the Plaza Mayor de Caceres.

Ana Méndez

I came from Australia for holidays and I was visiting Cáceres with my Spanish family. Walking back to the car I saw this amazing place that caught my attention as soon as I started seeing all the beautiful pictures. We were so amazed that we decided to go in to have a better look. The photographer was so nice and welcoming. He explained all of his beautiful collection. I felt so identified and happy to see the perfect mixture between the beauty of Australian nature and the beauty of Spanish places. This is definitely the kind of art and photography able to touch your heart. Thank you !!!

Maria Sabbadini

I would recommend it as a must in the city, really. The passion that Fernando transmits, wanting to share with each visitor the story behind each work, as if you were from the family, as anyone would like art to be explained, is greatly appreciated. On the other hand, his work is absolutely brilliant and original. (…). I am looking forward to seeing his upcoming series and how he surprises us. Apart from that ARTsolutely is the place to get an amazing professional print. Do not miss it (…) 😊

Waku Waku

The manner is impeccable, the quality of the works is maximum, the exhibition is wonderful. I could say that it is the best place in Cáceres to capture your works on paper. 100% recommended

Carlos Hermoso

Thank you Fernando for your time, despite all the work you have, and for your explanations. Your work is fascinating, and what was a simple consultation ended up being a pleasant and productive time. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed art as I did yesterday. I trust that your project will go far. You are a great professional and you live your work with passion, and that undoubtedly is transmitted. Yesterday, my wife and I enjoyed art, your work and your company (…)

Angel Molina

Cáceres needed a space like this, both for artists who want to print their work professionally and for those who simply want good quality photographs. In my case, I took an old photo shattered by the passage of time and Fernando knew how to repair it in a talented way, with patience and know how. If we add to that the beautiful exhibition of his works of art, we have a place of 10.


I wanted to express my great satisfaction with Fernando’s professional work in his photography printing studio. (…) I also learned in a short time about the type of papers, qualities … and all this together with his great empathy and humanity since Fernando did not hesitate to dedicate his time to carry out a job, which was so urgent. Thanks, Fernando, I’m sure we’ll repeat. (…)

Beatriz Berrocal

We visited the gallery by recommendation, and we loved it. Artistic photography with great quality. The degree of detail, the sharpness, and the original look of the author are surprising.

Victoria P.

We went to see the exhibition, and he kindly attended to us, explaining the photographs and the papers in which each one was. No doubt highly recommended and interesting.

Rg. Mayora98

High quality photographic printing studio. Fantastic exhibition. A great project in Cáceres by Fernando Paramio

m r

Waiting, knowing how to wait is a virtue. I am happy for those years of waiting to recover several photographs and a maternal drawing that the passage of time had insisted on deteriorating. Recover the beauty and smile of a mother who is no longer has been a wonderful Christmas gift. A city like this did not deserve to wait for more. Very grateful, Fernando, for having chosen Cáceres. I have retaken the illusion of seeing my own photographs printed.

Carmelo Cáceres

An impeccable exhibition with wonderful works and perfectly executed; besides that the manners and the explanations of Fernando have been incredible. Highly recommended and I hope you have good luck with your next photo projects.

Miriam GC

Art, quality and precision you will find in this gallery and art laboratory. For me, something like this was necessary for Extremadura, and fortunately, we already have a laboratory that works with museum-quality … pigmented inks, cotton papers, baryta… a luxury that is in my city!

Tete Alejandre

Unbeatable professional. As a person, as a photographer. Certainly the best in his sector

Pedro Prieto

Everything was great, we liked it a lot. The photos were beautiful, an artist

Pedro Alonso

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