Who is behind ARTsolutely

I was born in Barcelona in 1977. I have lived in several cities in Spain and overseas (Bristol, Melbourne, Brisbane).

When I was 15 years old, I read my first photography guide and since then photography has been my passion. Although I love all photography genres, what really makes me feel fulfilled as a person is artistic photography, which excites me for its ability to capture my inner world more sharply than how I would see it with my own eyes.

I have taken two extensive courses in photography, study and digital photography. However, my training is mainly self-taught, being my teachers dozens of books and online courses.

I studied chemical engineering without much conviction, and although I worked as an engineer, since 2015 I dedicate myself to artistic photography professionally.

In 2018 I opened my own artist’s gallery, ARTsolutely, located in the old part of Cáceres (Spain). Since then I have won several awards in international photography competitions and continue to present myself to contests to revalue my works.

My goal is to create beautiful images that are able to stop the viewers and tell them a story.

My purpose with my online and offline presence is to show my creations and to offer you the possibility to interact directly with me. You can also buy any image if you are interested, which I will print and frame personally with great care and outstanding quality.

You can also find more information about me or additional images in my blog and also in: 

– Instagram: fernando_paramio and also artsolutely_lab_gallery.

– Linkedin: Fernando Paramio

– Facebook: @fernandoparamioalamillo

  • 2021/12 – London Internacional Creative Competition (LICC) – Shortlist – Category: Create (Art) – Professional
  • 2021/08 – Three Honorable Mentions – IPA OneShot “Our Times – Pandemic Perspectives”– Photographs: “Solar Bath IV”, “Solar Bath V” and “Fully protected conversation on the roof top”, from the series: “Covid Rear Window”.
  • 2021/04 – Honorable Mention – Fine Art Photography Awards – 7th edition – Category: Open Theme – Professional level of expertise -Section: Portfolio/Personal -Series:”And the Music Cocooned the Dance”.
  • 2020/12 – Honorable Mention – TIFA 2020 (Tokio International Photography Awards, 5th Edition) – Category: Professional – Section: Portfolio/Personal – Series: “Flying in – Flying Out”.
  • 2020/12 – Honorable Mention – TIFA 2020 (Tokio International Photography Awards, 5th Edition) – Category: Professional – Section: Editoria/Photo Essay – Series: “Milking my son (A leches con mi hijo)”.
  • 2019/12 – Honorable Mention – TIFA 2019 (Tokio International Photography Awards, 4th Edition, 97 countries) – Category: Professional – Section: Editorial/Environmental – Artwork: “Something else than wood”.
  • 2019/10 – Honorable Mention – Ibero-American Biennial of Graphic Arts of Caceres – Artwork: “Something else than wood”.
  • 2018/10 – Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards 2018 – Category: Professional – Section: Advertisement “Tourism and travel” – Artwork: “Intercontinental Jump”
  • 2018/09: preselected – International competition “Caminos de Hierro” 29 edition (149 preselected photographs amongst a total of 3697 from 62 countries) – Artwork: “The traveller’s dream”. Selected in digital format for a travelling exhibition.
  • 2018/05 – Bronze – Moscow international Foto Awards 2018 – Category: Professional – Section: Advertisement “Tourism and travel” – Artwork: “Intercontinental Jump”
  • 2018/04 – Nomination – Fine Art Photography Awards 2018, 4th edition – Category: Professional – Section: Photomanipulation – Artwork: “Intercontinental Jump”
  • 2018/02 – Artwork accepted – Maitland International Salon of Photography, Australia (509 participants and 4495 images) – Section: colour prints – Artwork: “Intercontinental Jump”
  • 2018/01 – Honorable Mention (Blue Ribbon Hellenic Photographic Society) – International Photography Competition “Photo Art Prague” (directed by PhotoArt Magazine; 608 participants and 2732 photographs) – Section “Nature” – Photograph “Ready for a fight” – published in exhibition book.
  • 2017/12 – Honorable Mention – International Photography competition “Chromatic Awards” (over 3000 imáges, 75 countries) – Professional category “Fine Art” – Artwork “A colourful balcony of feathers”.
  • 2017/12 – First finalist (2nd place) – International competition of Industrial photography organized by Galician Association of Industrial Engineers – Photograph “Infinity gallery”. Two other submitted photographs are exhibited during the prize-giving ceremony and they are displayed in the competition online gallery (“Recompensa al esfuerzo” & “Ingeniería de detalle” https://concursofotografia.icoiig.es/album-del-iii-concurso-de-fotografia/)
  • 2000 – Artwork accepted – National photography competition organized by Skoda
  • 2000 – Second place – First national photography competition organized by Hagen Dazën – Photograph published in the magazine “Arte Fotográfico” (nº 558)
  • 1999 – Consolation prize – National photography competition organized by Mars chocolates
  • 1999 – First place – Complutense University of Madrid photography competition “Happening”

I was born in Barcelona -nearly by chance- in 1977. Shortly after I moved to Madrid and then to Cáceres, a small but charming town, as evidence the fact that it is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

I remember my childhood climbing to every place I could, continuously running, playing and fighting with my siblings, visiting the countryside every weekend, reading all I could (I used to devour Roald Dahl’s books), spending time with friends in the old town of Cáceres and travelling around Europe with my family in summer.

I discovered my passion for photography at the age of 13. Something great happened before buying my camera: I went to the shop so many times to ask doubts that finally the bookseller gave me a photography book, which I instantly memorize, what helped me to become a better photographer from the beginning and to boost my motivation.

At the age of 15 I had to move to Madrid. In that complex period of transition, at least I had my camera to keep creating and investigating new techniques. Soon I became interested in multiple exposures and zoom burst, techniques that helped me to win my first photography competitions, already in college time.

In that same period, I bought a medium format camera. This type of camera has a higher film size than a full frame camera. Despite its weight, it helped to further increase my passion for photography, not only for its impressive image quality but for its absence of automatisms, what made the shooting a more premeditated, elaborated and artisanal act.

At the end of my university studies I passed a test to be able to enrol in a studio photography course. Working in a studio, with just the dimly modelling lights of the flashes, it turns out and continues to be a fascinating experience to me. For the training, we used large format cameras, which are cameras with a very big film size, able to produce breathtaking quality. Finally, I enrolled in a digital photography retouching course, which was exactly what I needed to create my artistic compositions. All this resulted in new sources of motivation for my photography.

When I finished my degree, I travelled to England for a year trying to leave behind my academic studies, but finally I had to find a job as an engineer.

After more than a decade working and living in different cities and countries, I decided to return to my almost natal Cáceres, to focus my activity on artistic photography. Our attitude really changes when we are doing something that we love, and finally I have found peace of mind about what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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A part of the profits from the sale of these artworks and photographs is donated to support social and environmental projects.   

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